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The Clasification and Treatment of IGA Nephropathy

2018-07-07 11:48

With urinary protein and creatinine, if you have the following three conditions, IgA nephropathy should be suspected:

1   The gross hematuria of the upper respiratory tract infection or the onset of tonsillitis occurs at the same time or in the short term, and the hematuria of the naked eye disappears or decreases after infection control;

2  Typical deformed red blood cell urine (spore or spine) with or without proteinuria;

3  Serum IgA increased.

Abnormal red blood cells

In addition, half of the patients with IgA nephropathy have hypertension.

IgA nephropathy: dilemma

Difficulties: We know that patients with IgA nephropathy with urinary protein below 1g usually do not use hormones (it does not necessarily work), while Pr and Satan drugs have a low protein-lowering effect, resulting in a long-term lack of specificity for patients with large IgA nephropathy. Drugs, deproteinizing effect is weak.

Since there is no effective way to further reduce the protein, then I take a step back and keep a small amount of urine protein?

Hard to return: This is a more worrying place: The urine protein of IgA nephropathy does not fall.

why? Because it is not like a small amount of protein, such as minimal change kidney disease, membranous nephropathy. Minor lesions, membranous patients, if the protein is always small, it will get better later However, IgA nephropathy, even if only a small amount of urine protein, is also a hazard to the kidneys, will increase the risk of kidney failure.

There are 7 types of IgA nephropathy, some of which are self-healing, and some will go into uremia. Which one are you? (one)

IgA nephropathy: Do think it so easy

Forty years ago, Berger first reported IgA nephropathy. Since then, this type of kidney disease, which accounts for half of glomerulonephritis, has become known. The symptoms of this type of kidney disease have been found to be numerous. It can be asymptomatic only occult blood, it can also have occult blood + protein, it can also be typical nephrotic syndrome (large amounts of proteinuria).

The development of each IgA nephropathy patient is not the same, and some only occult blood; Some are slowly developing, about 20% to 25% of patients develop slowly to uremia after 20-25 years; There are also rapidly progressing crescents and kidney failure occurs in a short time (months).

The fancy symptoms and prognosis of IgA nephropathy tell us: It is not a single disease but a set of clinical syndromes.

In short, our understanding of the disease can no longer stay in the "I am IgA nephropathy, according to IgA kidney disease to cure it," such a surface, this damn disease forced us to conduct a detailed breakdown.

Classification of IgA nephropathy

How is it divided? Is it graded according to pathology? However, the five gradings of renal biopsy pathology have no specific morphological features and are essentially useless for treatment. A new global IgAN clinicopathological classification scheme has been launched and it is hoped that it will be applied in clinical practice in the near future.

There are seven types of classifications that are helpful for clinical treatment:

1. Isolated microscopic hematuria (IH)

The rate of awareness is low, the rate of return visits is poor, and the prognosis is better than other types.

2. Repeated gross hematuria (RGH)

Hematuria is often caused by tonsil infections, and most advocate the removal of the tonsils.

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