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What are the Causes of Kidney Failure

2013-11-30 10:38

What are the Causes of Kidney FailureKidney failure, which is also called renal failure, is a medical condition of kidney disease. And in this condition, the kidneys lost the function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood adequately. There are many factors that can cause kidney failure. Then, what are the causes of kidney failure?

Kidneys are important organs for human body, and they have the function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood. When the kidneys develop into kidney failure, patients may have serious symptoms which will affect the life quality severely. If patients want to treat their illness, they need to know the causes of their kidney failure. There are two main causes of kidney failure.

1. Acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury is also called acute kidney failure, and it is often caused by sudden reasons. When the blood is interrupted suddenly or the kidneys are overloaded with wastes and toxins, people may get acute kidney failure. Such as an accidents, a injury or a surgery, in which condition the kidneys are deprived of normal blood flow for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, the overdoses of drugs and chemical medicine poisoning by accident or overloaded may also cause acute kidney failure. All these acute kidney injures can cause kidney failure. However, compared with chronic kidney disease, people who get acute kidney failure can get recovery with effective treatment and patients can get their normal kidney function.

2. Chronic kidney disease

The most common cause of kidney failure is the development of chronic kidney disease, and chronic kidney disease has numerous causes. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two main causes of CKD, and polycystic kidney disease is another well-known cause of CKD. There are also some other factors that can cause CKD, such as infections and overuse of drugs. If chronic kidney disease cannot be treated effectively, it may finally develop into kidney failure.

Although kidney failure is an common disease nowadays, it is not easy to treat. Early prevention and treatment will help slow down the development of kidney failure. If patients have the risk factors of kidney failure mentioned above, they should pay more attention to them and have effective treatment timely.

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