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Is Kidney Atrophy Hereditary

2013-12-09 15:43

Is Kidney Atrophy HereditaryIs kidney atrophy hereditary? When someone with parents or relatives suffering from renal atrophy is told their kidneys are shrunk, they may have the doubt if kidney atrophy is hereditary.

Kidney atrophy refers to kidney size is smaller than the normal size. Of course the size of kidney is closely related with our age, height, body weight and gender, so while judging whether someone is living with renal atrophy, we need to put these factors into consideration, so as to avoid misdiagnosis. Kidney atrophy is an abnormal physical condition. I can be bilateral or unilateral and it not treated well, it will cause devastating effects on our health. Well, is kidney atrophy hereditary or not on earth?

In medicine, there are different conditions can cause this problem:

1. Congenital renal dysplasia

In some cases, patients have no awareness about they are inborn with kidney atrophy until they go to hospital for examination due to some other reasons.

2. Renal Artery Stenosis

Renal artery stenosis is another common cause for kidney atrophy, and in that case, surgery is the major treatment. However, in some cases, patients can not get surgery for some reasons and under such a condition, what they can do is to take some hypotensive drugs like ACE inhibitors.

3. Renal tuberculosis

Renal tuberculosis also can cause kidney atrophy. This illness is more common among people who are aged 20-40 and compared with female, male run a higher risk for this problem.

4. Kidney failure

Kidney failure is the most common cause for kidney atrophy. For patients who are suffering from kidney atrophy due to kidney failure, their residual kidney function is usually proportional to the severity of kidney atrophy. For them, protecting residual kidney function is very significant.

Kidney atrophy is not hereditary and it usually results from the above several illnesses. Therefore, for patients who are living with the above several illnesses, they are more likely to have kidney atrophy. For these people, having a tight control about their illness is very important.

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