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Creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure: Does It Indicate Dialysis

2014-05-07 06:59

Creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure: Does It Indicate DialysisAfter getting diagnosed of creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure, patient may wonder if this diagnosis indicates dialysis. In this text, let’s discuss this issue and find the corresponding answer. Have a question? Consult our online doctor for free advice.

What does creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure mean?

Patient who has been diagnosed of this disorder is in a quite serious situation with severe loss of renal function. At this point, the kidneys fail to work adequately to remove waste products like creatinine out of the body. With the gradual accumulation of wastes, patient will experience serious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, itchy skin, swelling, high blood pressure, etc. Untreated, the patient will need dialysis in the near future.

Does creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure indicate dialysis?

The answer is “NO”. Generally speaking, dialysis is suggested when creatinine increases above 707. Hence, in case of creatinine 600 in renal failure, patient should take effective treatment to prevent the disease’s continual aggravation, repair the damaged kidneys and normalize the high level. In this way, dialysis is no longer necessary.

What is the best treatment for creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure?

In modern medical science, many treatment options are available to deal with the disorder. However, the best choice of method is Blood Pollution Therapy.

Blood Pollution Therapy is the latest development in treating kidney diseases. As a systematic treatment, it combines advanced blood purification therapies with Chinese medicine remedies. The most suitable treatment plan should only be given on the basis of each patient’s disease condition. If you are interested to get personalized evaluation, feel free to Email us at Our kidney doctors will reply you promptly with helpful suggestions. Keep well!

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