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Stage 5 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy

2014-10-31 11:42

Stage 5 Kidney Failure Life ExpectancyStage 5 Kidney Failure is also known as the End Stage Renal Disease, after people fall into this stage, they will fell more uncomfortable. So some of them may wondering what is the life expectancy for them ? Actually, there is no need to worry about it. Because, with the help of proper treatment, your life span can be prolonged greatly.

What is the life expectancy for people with this disease left untreated ?

What is the life expectancy for people who are on dialysis ?

According to the research, the average rate for who start dialysis is 3-5 years, but may be longer, the longest one has up to 30 years. The shorter life expectancy may be affected by age (people who are older than 65 is easy to be affected).

What is the life expectancy for people who take kidney transplant ?

Kidney transplantation is a life-extending procedure. The typical patient will live 10 to 15 years longer with a kidney transplant than if kept on dialysis. The increase in longevity is greater for younger patients, but even 75-year-old recipients (the oldest group for which there is data) gain an average four more years of life. People generally have more energy, a less restricted diet, and fewer complications with a kidney transplant than if they stay on conventional dialysis.

So both dialysis and transplant can help people to live longer and better. Except those two common ways, you also can choose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it is based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, which can help to solve the kidney problems from the underlying reasons. So if you can can get it earlier, you may avoid dialysis or transplant.

In one word, for people with stage 5 Kidney Failure, their kife expectancy can e prolonged greatly by proper treatment. If you need any help in curing it, please tell our online doctor, we will try our best to help you.

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