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Stage 4 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy with Dialysis

2014-10-31 17:08

Stage 4 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy with DialysisWhat is the life expectancy for people with stage 4 Kidney Failure on dialysis ? According to the research, the average rate for who start dialysis is 3-5 years, but may be longer, the longest one has up to 30 years.

Actually, there are many factors can affect the life expectancy, such as age, gender, physical condition and so on. Researchers have found that people who are over 65 years ole may have a shorter life expectancy than younger ones. Except those unchangeable factors, it also affected by the food you eat and your mood. So you’d better make a diet plan according to your own condition with the help your nutritionist, or our online doctor. As for mood, no one that decide it except yourself, so do keep a positive attitude. You should always think some wonderful things that can help you live better. Remember that no one can give the exact answer, the things you need to do is to fight with this disease and believe you can overcome it, that can help to prolong your life span.

As we mentioned above, no one can give you the exact answer for how long can you live on dialysis, that also means for people with stage 4 Kidney Failure you may have a chance to live like a normal person. So just keep positive attitude and fight with it, you will find the highlight in your life.

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