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Renal Failure: Do Kidney Transplant Patient Have a Shorter Lifespan

2014-07-17 09:51

Kidney Failure TreatmentMany Renal Failure patients have consulted us about this question, ‘Do kidney transplant person have a shorter lifespan?’ In this text, let’s talk about this question together. Interested to learn more information? Read on or consult our online doctor for free advice.

In general, a person is suggested to consider getting Kidney Transplant when there is less than 15% or kidney function left (with GFR <15). While, what’s patient’s life expectancy after the surgery?

There are many factors which affect how long a transplanted kidney may last. Overall, average kidney survival times are: 1 year - 85 to 95%, 5 years - 70 to 80%, 15 years - 50 to 60%.

If you are interested to get a personalized answer about your life span after the operation, you can Email us at with your test reports or more illness information. Our kidney experts team will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you promptly.

For Renal Failure patient who does not want to take dialysis or kidney transplant, is there any alternative treatment to guaranteed extended life expectancy?

Thanks to the continual advancement of medical technology, a new option known as Blood Pollution Therapy has been developed to manage the disease effectively. By timely taking this therapy, patient can even avoid transplantation successfully and live a normal, long life.

As a systematic treatment, Blood Pollution Therapy involves advanced blood purification methods with traditional Chinese medicine remedies. Certain therapies are chosen according to patient’s disease situation. If you are interested to get evaluated for our treatment? Please feel free to Contact Us. It’s our pleasure to share free and professional help. Take care!

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