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What is the Life Span for Patient with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-05-21 16:11

What is the Life Span for Patient with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney DiseaseWhat is the life span for patient with stage 4 chronic kidney disease ? Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease often accompanied with a series of symptoms and complications, which may affect the quality of patient’s life and some of them may make patients worry about their life span.

As we all know, if left alone, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease will aggravate into end stage renal disease (ESRD) quickly. Once ESRD occurs, patients may have to begin their dialysis or do kidney transplant in the near future. On the contrary, if patients take effective treatment timely, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease is the end stage that kidneys can be reversed successfully. Once Stage 4 CKD is reversed, patients’ life span will be extended successfully.

In order to achieve this goal, we would like to recommend the following methods.

1. Follow a healthy diet plan: Eating healthily and correctly can help manage chronic kidney disease complications and protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues. The basic dietary requirements are low sodium, low protein, low fat, high unsaturated fatty acid, and so on. The detailed diet plan should depend on patients’ illness condition.

2. Good control of kidney-related complications: Impaired kidneys can cause a lot of health problems, some of which will in turn worsen kidney condition easily. If you have proteinuria, high blood pressure, or some other problems, you should take in correct medicines to manage them timely.

3. Rescue impaired kidney cells: With the development of medicinal technology, impaired kidney cells can be repaired successfully with the help of oral taking Chinese medicine or external application of Chinese medicine. Once kidney function level increases, it means patients’ kidney damage is reversed and patients can live longer with their own kidneys.

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