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What Is the Prognosis with 20% kidney function

2013-10-13 14:23

What Is the Prognosis with 20% kidney functionWhat is the prognosis with 20% kidney function? We are eager to know how long we can live and what kind of life we will live when we are diagnosed with incurable disease such as chronic kidney failure, as knowing the prognosis allows us to make good preparations in advance. Well then, what is the prognosis when only 20% kidney function is left?

Kidney is responsible for filtering blood, so when 80% kidney function is affected, patients will face dialysis or kidney transplant. Dialysis replaces failed kidney to purify blood, but unfortunately, it can not work as well as kidney. With dialysis treatment, kidney failure patients may experience various discomforts like nausea, vomiting, skin itching, headache and dizziness and so on. All these side effects affect dialysis patients’ life span and life quality seriously. Therefore, in medicine, many kidney failure patients do not start dialysis at all until their life is really threatened.

Besides, for patients with 20% kidney function, they always suffer a lot like vomiting, tiredness, itching skin and insomnia, which are very torturous. Under such a condition, it is quite possible for them to live as long as other people without dialysis and kidney transplant, if effective treatment is given as quickly as possible.

Conventional treatment for chronic kidney failure is to treat its symptoms with hypotensive drugs, diuretics and so on. It is very important for patients to tightly control their symptoms, as it plays a part in slowing down progress of illness. However, if we want to stop its development, we must protect residual kidney function and at the same time repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. Only in this way, can we receive satisfactory treatment effects in treating chronickidney failure. Also, only in this way, can we protect our kidney from failing completely and improve prognosis successfully.

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