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Full Bath Therapy One of the Natural Ways to Cure Kidney Failure

2014-09-15 16:39

Full Bath Therapy One of the Natural Ways to Cure Kidney Failure  The main function of Full Bath Therapy is to discharge toxic pathogen in the meridians and visceral, it is a kind of natural ways to cure Kidney Failure. By discharging toxins through sweat and urine, it can help to lower the high creatinine level and protect the kidneys from further damage.

Those medicines we used in Full Bath Therapy are chosen by our experts after years of research, by increasing the volume of sweating and urine, those active ingredients in them will get to the lesion parts and discharge the toxins in the body by skin, it is just like Foot Bath Therapy another unique therapies of our hospital.

The directions for use:

Bath in 5000 ml decoction with optimum temperature, 35℃-40℃ is desirable. Usually, immersion bath lasts for 40-90 minutes. The temperature and bath time can be adjusted according to different patients. With addition of massaging acupoints, curative effects will be better.

Seven days for a Short course of treatment, 49 days for a long course of treatment.

Although Full Bath Therapy is a kind of natural cure method but not all patients are suitable for the use of it. For patients with blood pressure problems, they should take it under special condition. Except that, there are also some special people should avoid it such as pregnant woman.

Now you know that Full Bath Therapy is one of the natural ways to cure Kidney Failure, it can help to cure this disease without hurt kidneys, but there are also some taboos in it. If you want to know more informations about it, you can leave messages or email us. Our email:

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