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Improve 3 Complications Help Reduce Creatinine And Avoid Uremia

2019-03-24 14:07

Avoid Uremia,Reduce CreatinineCreatinine is a commonly used indicator of renal function. With the increase of creatinine, renal function is bound to be impaired. Therefore, many people pay attention to reducing creatinine value in the treatment of nephropathy, rather than improving renal function.

In fact, in the process of reducing creatinine, if we can take these three things into account, the speed of renal function decline will be greatly reduced:

1. Decreasing blood pressure should not be neglected

Poor control of hypertension for a long time will lead to damage of renal vessels, cause renal tubular disorders, and decrease renal function. Many patients with hypertensive nephropathy have many misunderstandings about hypotension. They resist taking antihypertensive drugs for a long time, and the bad habits of elevating blood pressure such as high salt diet have not changed, depending on their ideas.

If blood pressure is not well controlled, the treatment of nephropathy will not be very effective. Long-term use of antihypertensive drugs has side effects, but compared with the long-term uncontrolled blood pressure caused by kidney, cardiovascular and other aspects of the impact is much smaller. Moreover, the drug has clear side effects, and most of them can be improved through other treatments.

2. Controlling urinary protein

Proteinuria has mesangial toxicity and tubulointerstitial toxicity, which is an important factor leading to glomerulosclerosis and tubulointerstitial fibrosis. If patients ignore the continuous massive proteinuria, they will only increase the degree and speed of renal function damage and enter uremia more quickly.

3. Complications should be improved

By the late stage of nephropathy, the amount of creatinine is almost of no importance, and a series of complications such as hyperkalemia, hyperphosphorus, hypocalcemia, anemia, acidosis are all fatal ghosts. Avoid eating high potassium, high phosphorus food, taking iron, alkaline treatment, regular examination and so on, through various ways to avoid the arrival of complications, if there have been complications should be timely treatment.

The treatment of nephropathy is a comprehensive treatment process. Only when every index is well controlled can the deterioration of renal function be delayed to the greatest extent and the arrival of uremia be avoided.


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