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Is Dialysis the Best Way for the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-10-02 15:21

Is Dialysis the Best Way for the Treatment of Chronic Kidney FailureIn general, patient with Chronic Kidney Failure will choose dialysis as their first choice. But not every patients are suit for it, and even you have accept dialysis, there are still left some other questions in there-how often do they need to accept treatment and how long can a patient live after dialysis.

Patients need to dialysis 3 times a week, 4-5 hours for each time. When CCR(Creatinine Clearance Rate) decrease to 10~12mL/min, you should to begin dialysis. Dialysis can help kidney to excrete waste and toxins but it cann’t protect your kidney or repair the damaged kidney functions. That will make your disease worsen, and your left kidney function will lost gradually. So you have to depend on dialysis to maintain your life.

15-60 years old people are suitable for this kind of treatment, but as the technology update and new machines appears, those people who are above 70 years old also can get good treatment.

In order to assure the quality of survival, patients should intake 1.0~1.2g protein and enough nutritions to meed the demand of dialysis.

As an alternative therapies, Chinese Medicine also can be used in Chronic Renal Failure and it has little side effects, what’s more, it can repair your damaged kidney function and protect the remaining ones.

From the above we know that except dialysis, Chinese Medicine also can be a good choice for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure.

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