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Kidney Failure with Creatinine Level 7.9 Solution without Dialysis

2014-11-06 11:13

Kidney Failure with Creatinine Level 7.9 Solution without DialysisHigh creatinine level indicate the kidney is damaged, so that demand us to take actions timely to prevent it goes worse. Then What is the solution for people with Kidney Failure with creatinine 7.9 without dialysis ?

In clinic, creatinine level 7.9 means the disease now is almost fall into End Stage Renal Disease, without good control dialysis will be needed. With the help of dialysis, some people can live better and longer, but for other people they can have a lower life quality, due to the side effects of this cure. So they want to get kidney transplant, thus to get rid of dialysis. Unluckily, not all the people can be listed on the candidate of transplant. For people with obesity, high blood pressure, serious heart disease and so on, they are not suitable to take it. So for this part of people, they should choose another different ways, that is Chinese Herb Medicine, which can solve the kidney problem in a natural way.

The most well-known Chinese Herb Medicine is the Top Seven Treatments. It is not a single therapy, but a series therapy including seven cure in it. During the treatment, doctor will choose different therapies according to the patient’s disease,so it can achieve a better curative effect. For people who are in the early stage, they can have a chance to reverse it. For people with creatinine 7.9, it maybe hard to reverse the disease, but they also can have a quality and longer life.

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