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Are there any New Ways to Save the Failed Transplant Kidney

2015-01-30 15:16

Are there any New Ways to Save the Failed Transplant KidneyAre there any new ways to save the failed transplant kidney ? As we all know some of the transplant kidney can last 10 years or longer, but some of them may goes to failure again. Once it goes failure, people have to face dialysis or transplant again, but that is the latest thing people want to face. Then are there any new ways to sve the failed transplant kidney ?

The good news is that a new breakthrough has been made in China to treat Transplanted Kidney Failure. The option is known as Blood Pollution Therapy. With the help of this therapy, patients can have a chance to avoid dialysis or transplant.

Different from traditional symptomatic treatment, Blood Pollution Therapy is a holistic approach which works to not only eliminate the symptom but deal with the root cause. So the transplant kidneys can be saved from failure.

As a personalized treatment option, there is not a fixed medicine prescription. Specific treatment plan can only be made after making a precise diagnosis of each patient's situation.

How can Blood Pollution Therapy treat Transplanted Kidney Failure effectively?

There are mainly three parts involved in the treatment process:

1. Discharge the harmful toxins and waste products out of the body by advanced Blood Purification techniques (such as hemofiltration, immunoadsorption, plasma exchange, etc);

2. Further clean the blood and rid of all toxic things with Chinese medicine treatments like Cycle Therapy, Enema Therapy, Moxibustion and so on;

3. Protect the transplanted kidneys and prevent further decline of renal function. Hot Compress Therapy is the basic treatment in this step. Over time, kidney level will get promoted gradually.

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