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How to Prevent Kidney Failure Goes Worse

2015-02-24 09:45

How to Prevent Kidney Failure Goes WorsePrevent Kidney Failure goes worse concerned with the prognosis of this disease and the life quality of patient. Then how to prevent Kidney Failure goes worse ?

What causes kidney failure ?

Diabetes and high blood pressure cause most cases of ESRD. Other causes include:

Autoimmune diseases (like lupus, HIV and IgA nephropathy)

Genetic diseases (like polycystic kidney disease)


Some medicines or other drugs

How can I prevent kidney failure?

Kidney Failure is the advanced stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, so the best way to prevent kidney failure is to prevent CKD. If you have CKD, try to control it or delay the progression of it. It is hard to reverse the kidney disease, but with the help of proper treatment, you also can control it in the early stage, at least to prevent it from getting worse. The other way is to find the underlying causes of your disease, then make corresponding cure plan.

If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, it is very important for you to manage these. Work with your doctor to learn how.

Other ways to help protect your kidneys are to:

Eat a diet low in fat and salt

Exercise most days of the week

Have regular check-ups with your doctor

Avoid tobacco

Limit alcohol

As we mentioned above, the fit treatment is the key point to cure this disease, so do pay special attention to it. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective therapies for the treatment of kidney disease, it is now used widely. With the help of it, more and more people have back to the normal life.

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