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Kidney Failure with Creatinine 7.6 Can Not Take Dialysis What should I Do

2015-05-06 14:09

Kidney Failure ,Creatinine 7.6,Can Not Take DialysisI am a kidney failure patient with creatinine 7.6, the plan should be take the dialysis but the doctor told me i can not take it, cause the high blood pressure. What should i do ? Are there any treatment help me ?

In clinic, creatinine 7.6 is in stage 4, almost near stage 5 kidney disease, that is the End Stage Renal Disease. That is to say for people with this situation, they should take actions immediately. If left untreated, the disease may go out of control and fall into Uremia, then it will be more hard to be cured.

For the case we mentioned at the beginning, the patient can take some hypotensive drugs to reduce the high blood pressure level, after the blood pressure goes steady, the patient can take the dialysis.

Of course, the patient also can choose transplant, which can solve the kidney problems totally, but it may take a long time to find a matching kidney. Besides, the patient also should control the blood pressure well.

Except the above ways, Chinese Herb Medicine also can solve this problem. What’s more, it can solve it from the underlying causes. But not all the herbs are suitable for you, so before you take it, you need to consult your doctor or our online doctor, we will try our best to help you.

No matter how, as a kidney failure patient you should insist to fight with this disease. With the help of the treatment, you will have a quality life in the near future. If you need any help in treating this disease, you can leave message to us, we are here waiting to help you.

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