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Stage 4 Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level How to Treat It

2015-05-08 17:33

Stage 4 Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level How to Treat ItDoctors always recommend dialysis for people with stage 4 kidney disease, but actually for people who are in this stage they can have some other choices instead of dialysis. Because in stage 4, there are still remaining some kidney functions, if it can be improved the patient may have a chance to avoid dialysis and live a quality life. Then how to treat stage 4 kidney disease with high creatinine level ?

Why people with kidney disease will have high creatinine level ?

Creatinine is the wastes of muscle metabolism and they should be filtered through kidney glomeruli and then discharged out by urine. If the glomeruli are damaged and GFR(glomerular filtration function) decreases, these wastes will not be let off, then these toxins will stay in the blood, that is why the serum creatinine shows high. That is mean once the kidney damaged, those symptoms such as high creatinine will occur.

How to lower the high creatinine level and treat the disease ?

From the above we can know that the high creatinine is cuased by kidney damage, so if you want to lower it, the best way is to repair the damages kidney. With the kidney function imoproved, the high creatinine level will be lowered grasually.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the right treatment that can improve the kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney tissues and protecting the residual ones. This therapy is based on traditioanl Chinese herb medicine and aims at correct kidney disorder. Due to its remarkable curative effect and little side effect, it is now used widely in treating kidney disease.

With the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, people with stage 4 kidney disease and high creatinine level can have a quality life. If you have other questions or need any help in treating kidney disease, do not hesitant to contact our online doctor or leave message to us, we will try our best to help you.

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