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Kidney Failure Patient with Many Symptoms Can It be Controlled by Medicine

2015-06-27 15:15

Kidney Failure Patient with Many Symptoms Can It be Controlled by MedicineKidney failure patient with many symptoms can it be controlled by medicine ? In general, with the kidney disease developed, many symptoms and complications will appeared one by one. For the treatment of those symptoms, doctors always prescribe many kinds of medicines for patient. After taking those medicines those symptoms can be relieved in a while but can this disease be controlled forever ?

Why kidney failure patient will got so many symptoms ?

In fact, all those symptoms are common to see among renal failure patients, and actually these problems are complications of renal failure. Metabolic acidosis, hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, Renal Osteodystrophy, Vitamin D deficiency are because of kidney adjustment function's decline. Anemia, hypertension are because of kidney secretion function's decline. Constipation is because kidney failure cause gastrointestinal tract' problem. So, all of these problems' root is her kidney failure.

Can kidney failure be controlled by medicines ?

So from the above we know that all of the medicines can treat the symptoms, but can not solve the root, means they can not repair her damaged kidney inherent cells and can not improve her kidney function. This is the problem.

Is renal transplant a better choice ?

Maybe renal transplant is a better choice but not a wise choice, also it is not necessary. Even if there is really suitable donor, the patient’s current total body condition is so poor, not suitable for transplant. On the whole, the patient still has kidney function left, this is a great hope to save her kidneys. So the key point for the patient now is to find some ways to protect their kidney function and improve it.

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