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Respiratory Signs in Renal Failure How to Treat It

2015-07-21 14:59

Renal Failure,Respiratory Signs in Renal Failure,Respiratory Signs in Renal Failure How to Treat ItRespiratory signs in renal failure how to treat it ? Chronic Kidney Failure is more serious than Chronic Kidney Disease. There are many complications with the development of Chronic Kidney Failure. Respiratory signs is one of complications, which influences the quality of renal failure patient’s life.

How does Chronic Kidney Failure lead to respiratory signs ?

Chronic Kidney Failure has more serious renal damage, which causes the deposition of toxic substances in our body. When those wastes and toxins build up in our body, they circulate with blood and may damage any organs in our body. When respiratory organs involve in,respiratory sighs begin to develop.

The respiratory signs are as follows:

Uremic Lung, with the progression of Chronic Kidney Failure, patients begin to cough and breathe hardly.

Uremia Pleural Disease, the occurrence rate is between 15%~20%. Patients are eager to have air and suffer from fever.

Lung calcification, Chronic Kidney Failure is usually leading to soft tissue calcification, Liver is the most place.

Patients feel uncomfortable with the respiratory signs in Chronic Kidney Failure.

How to treat respiratory signs in renal failure ?

Chinese medicines is famous in treating kidney disease. The Chinese medicines are processed with special access. The processed Chinese medicines are put into two small bags. We find the special acupoints BL 23 Acupoint. It is a particular access to infiltrate into kidney increasingly.Hot Compress Therapy expands blood vessels to provide enough blood and oxygens for kidney thus preventing further kidney damage. Hot Compress Therapy has the function of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation.Inflammation is an factor to aggravate renal conditions. Coagulation is another complications which is usually occurring in Chronic Kidney Failure. Meanwhile our therapy has the function of regulate blood systems and remove stasis. With the recovery renal functions, respiratory signs will be relieved.

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