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Stage 4 Kidney Disease with 17% Kidney Function Can I Get Rid of Dialysis

2015-07-31 17:36

Stage 4 Kidney Disease with 17% Kidney Function Can I Get Rid of DialysisStage 4 Kidney Disease with 17% kidney function can I get rid of dialysis ? In fact, for patients who are in this situation, they can get rid of dialysis with proper treatment, but they can not stop it at once. There is need a procedure, so they should get rid of dialysis gradually.

Why we said the patient can get rid of dialysis ?

For people with 17% kidney function and just take dialysis, there is still remaining some kidneys can work normally, so with the help of proper treatment those remaining kidneys can be protected from further damage. In addition, those damaged kidneys still can be repaired before they goes necrosis. So if you can take this chance your kidney functions can be improved to some degree, thus to get a chance to get rid of dialysis and enjoy a quality life.

What kind of treatment can help dialysis patient get rid of dialysis ?

"Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment can be a good alternative of dialysis, it is not a single treatment but a systematic treatments. Cooperated with each other, those four treatments can help kidney disease patient live better without dialysis.

The advantages of this four “one” is that the active ingredients in them can achieve the lesions directly, by discharging toxins from skin, they can help to cure Kidney Disease without make further damage to the kidneys. Compared with Western Medicine, they can cure the disease from the underlying reasons and more natural.

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