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Creatinine Level Downs to Lower Level After Dialysis Can I Quit from It

2015-08-23 16:53

Creatinine Level Downs to Lower Level After Dialysis Can I Quit from ItCreatinine level downs to lower level after dialysis can i quit from it ? You know after dialysis most of the creatinine level will get down, but that not means you can stop dialysis at this moment.

Why kidney failure patient can not quit from dialysis even though their creatinine level downs ?

Dialysis is the replacement of kidneys, it can help kidney disease patient live better by doing part of kidneys work, but it can not repair the kidneys nor protect it from further damage. So the creatinine will back to high level again after people stop dialysis, so people need to take it for a long time to keep the lower creatinine level.

How can kidney failure patient get rid of dialysis ?

For most of the dialysis patient they have to take this treatment for the rest of their life, but that not means they have no chance to get rid of it.

Kidney transplant is one of the most effective ways to treat kidney failure, and it is also the most common alternative of dialysis. So if kidney failure patient can be listed on the candidate of transplant, they will get a chance to get out of it.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is another alternative therapy of dialysis, compared with transplant it is more natural. What’s more, it can solve the kidney problem from its underlying cause without hurt kidneys and other organs.

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