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Creatinine Level Downs from 8.6 to 3.8 after Dialysis Can I Quit from It

2015-09-21 17:01

Creatinine Level Downs from 8.6 to 3.8 after Dialysis Can I Quit from ItCreatinine level downs from 8.6 to 3.8 after dialysis can i quit from it ? In fact, as a kidney failure patient you can not quit from dialysis before you find other alternative treatment of dialysis. That is because this kind of treatment can relieve those symptoms of kidney disease, such as high creatinine level, but it cannot cure this disease from its root, so the creatinine level may goes high again after you stop taking it and other symptoms also will occurred one by one, which will put your life into risk.

Is it possible for kidney failure patient to get rid of dialysis ?

In fact, if the kidney disease patient can find some other alternative treatments of dialysis, they can get rid of it gradually, but no matter how they can not stop dialysis suddenly.

What kind of therapy can help kidney disease patient get rid of dialysis ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine, it can help patient get rid of dialysis by repairing the damaged kidney tissues and improving the kidney function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovative therapy based on TCM, and aims at repairing the impaired kidneys and recovering the renal function. It is different from traditional treatments and used externally. Through clinical applications, this therapy is proved to be safe, convenient and effective.

With the help of this therapy, patients who are in the early stage of kidney disease can get a chance back to normal level, for patient who are in the advanced stage of kidney disease they can get rid of dialysis gradually with the kidney function improved.

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