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Is there Any Hope for Kidney Failure Patient to Get Off Dialysis

2015-09-28 17:35

Is there Any Hope for Kidney Failure Patient to Get Off DialysisI am a kidney failure patient and just take dialysis for a while, the dialysis helps me live better than before. However, sometimes my phosphorus turned high. My hemoglobin is low and was requested for blood transfusion. But during the cross matching of the blood, it was almost four times resulted unmatched. So I had consulted a hematologist and advised to have a double dose of eposino. May I ask what are the foods should I eat? And is there any hope to off dialysis ?

Glad to hear that your current situation become better with the help of dialysis. You know dialysis can really relieve your current physical condition to make you feel a little comfortable, but at the same time there are some complications from dialysis, the first one is that it will lead to severe anemia( means your hemoglobin level will become lower ), the most important thing is that dialysis will gradually cause a complete loss of your kidney function, and finally you have to rely on dialysis only to survive, so if your condition is stable now, and I suggest you can accept Micro-Chinese Medicine treatment which can protect your remaining kidney function(glomeruli and renal tubular) and restore your damaged kidney function fundamentally, so the aim of reducing dialysis frequency can be achieved, and finally you can get rid of dialysis.

Regarding to the diet suggestion for your case, because detailed diet chart should be based on your exact laboratory results, and the general principle is: low-salt, low-fat, high-quality and low-protein diet.

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