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How to Treat Obesity Caused by Renal Failure

2015-11-02 14:59

How to Treat Obesity Caused by Renal FailureWhy kidney disease patients is a symptom of obesity? Indeed, patients suffering from edema, but not obese. Most patients have symptoms of edema. Today, our experts analyze the causes of swelling and treatment options in detail.

Why the patient are sasy to get swelling?

On one hand, when impairment of renal function, renal cells, and the inherent filtering barrier, there will be many streams of protein in the urine, resulting in a large number of protein loss. The protein has a function of blocking water, because the loss of the protein, resulting in swelling. Alternatively, damaged kidneys can not filter the excess water and salt from the body, stored in the body, that also will cause swelling.

How to treat swelling in kidney failure?

Diuretics are used widespread in conventional therapy. Although the use of diuretics can solve partial or temporary swelling, but if failed, the patient will again face the risk of edema. Moreover, long-term dependence on diuretics will lead to further damage to the kidneys. So we don’t recommend patient to take long-terms of diuretics. If the patient wants to relieve this symptoms from its root, the first thing to do is to repair the damaged kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proved to be the most effective treatment for renal failure, the active ingredients can expand blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant effect and degradation of the extracellular matrix. Thus, the damaged kidney can be stopped, renal function can be improved. It will not reduce the protein exposed, and to increase the amount of urine to alleviate the symptoms of edema.

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