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How to Reduce the Times of Dialysis

2015-12-03 16:20

How to Reduce the Times of DialysisHow to reduce the times of dialysis? Most of the kidney failure patient will experience dialysis, especially when their disease progressed into the last stage of kidney disease--Uremia. But you know dialysis as a life-sustaining treatment it will lead to many side-effects while relieving the symptoms of kidney diseased.

What is dialysis ?

In fact, dialysis is a replacement therapy for kidney. You know kidney performs many tasks such as cleansing toxins and wastes out of the body and expelling it as urine, adjusting high blood pressure and assisting in the production of red blood cells. If kidney fails to work, dialysis needs to replace it. Dialysis focuses on removing some certain wastes and has no use eliminating big elements with toxic materials. Meanwhile it has no use of repairing renal damage, improving renal functions and slowing down the progression of Kidney Disease.

How to reduce the times of dialysis ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine, it can reduce the times of dialysis by expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix.

What’s more, it has the functions of removing stasis, regulating blood system, repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions. Therefore, with the help of this therapy the times of dialysis can be reduced gradually. For the patients who can take this treatment before taking dialysis, they may get a chance to live a quality life without dialysis or renal transplant.

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