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Effective Treatment of Kidney Failure:"Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment

2016-03-01 16:53

Effective Treatment of Kidney Failure:What treatments are effective treatment of kidney failure? Based on the traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, doctors invented a series of new treatment of kidney failure, which is known as "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment, the four kinds of treatments has remarkable effect in treating kidney failure.

What is "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment?

Four “one” traditional Chinese treatment means an oral Chinese medicine, a bottle of Maikang Mixture, a does of external application Chinese Medicine and a basin of Foot Bath Medicine. They are a series of unique therapy in treating kidney disease, cooperated with each other they can help people with mild damaged kidneys back to normal life.

What are the functions of "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment?

The mainly function of them is to regulate the blood circulation, remove blood stasis, repair the damaged kidneys and protect the remaining ones from further damage.

Can kidney failure patient get recovery with the help of "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment?

In fact, whether a patient can get recover or nor depend on in which stage the patient can accept those treatments. If the kidney patient can get the treatment in the early stage, they will have no problem to reverse their disease; if the patient can get the treatment after the kidneys got moderately damage, they may have half of chances to reverse their disease; if the patient can get the treatment after the kidneys got serious damage, there is no much chances to reverse their disease totally, but they also can have a quality life without dialysis.

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