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Is there Any Treatment Can Prolong the Kidney Failure Patient’s Life Span

2016-04-12 18:16

Is there Any Treatment Can Prolong the Kidney Failure Patient’s Life SpanIs there any treatment can prolong the kidney failure patient’s life span? As we all know high creatinine level is just one of the symptoms of kidney disease, so when talking about the life expectancy we should pay special attention to the disease condition, that is which stage are the patients now in.

How long can kidney failure patient live?

Usually, for people who are in the early stage of kidney disease, they need not to worry about the life span, the key point for them is to find a systematic treatment and take it right now. That is because in the early stage the kidney is damaged mildly or moderately, so as long as they have not fall into stage 4, they still have a chance to reverse the disease, thus to avoid dialysis and transplant.

For people with advanced kidney disease, they will take dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their life to 5-10 years or even longer, if they do not take any actions, there are only few months or one years left.

Is there any treatment can prolong the patient’s life span?

Actually, for people with kidney failure, there is another ways can help them live longer, no matter they are in early stage or advanced stage, that is the Chinese Medicine. It is different from the Western treatment, it can relieve the symptoms like high creatinine level by improving kidney function. Here i mentioned is not a single therapy, it is a series of therapy. With the help of these therapies, people can have a quality and longer life.

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