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How Does Kidney Failure Kill You

2013-11-01 16:23

How Does Kidney Failure Kill YouHow does kidney failure kill you? Kidney failure which also can be called ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) is deadly, so once being diagnosed with this illness, patients begin to care about how long they can life. Kidney failure means kidneys fail to work properly for some reasons, so when we are attacked by kidney failure, we will experience a series of discomforts or symptoms like high blood pressure, blood urine, swelling, tiredness and poor appetite and so on. Kidney failure is deadly, but how does it kill us one earth?

Numerous clinical studies show that when we are affected by kidney failure, wastes which should have been filtered by kidney like creatinine and urea nitrogen will build up in the blood. Some of these wastes are toxic and they may damage any part of our organ while circulating with blood. This is the reason why kidney failure patients run high risk for various complications which are always the direct cause of death of them. According to statistics, the leading complication of kidney failure is cardiovascular disease which is also the leading cause of death of kidney failure patients.

Since cardiovascular disease is the leading one life-threatening complications of kidney failure, taking some medical measures to prevent it is very important for kidney failure patients to live a longer and better life. In cases of kidney failure, cardiovascular disease occurs due to high levels of toxins in the blood, so purifying blood timely is very important. Dialysis is the most commonly used method to clean blood. However, once kidney failure patients start dialysis, they need to do it regularly if their impaired kidney function can not be improved within a certain time. For this reason, many kidney failure patients do not start dialysis until their life is really threatened. Dialysis is helpful, but it is not the only method to for blood purification. In medicine, aside from dialysis, there are different medical methods like Mcro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy which also show great effects in improving kidney condition. For kidney failure patients, wastes build up in blood and cause cardiovascular disease due to impaired kidney function. Therefore, as long as kidney function is improved, their risk for cardiovascular disease will be decreased successfully.

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