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How to Increase GFR with ESRD

2013-11-07 14:54

How to Increase GFR with ESRDHow to increase GFR with ESRD? GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate which describes the filtration function of kidney. According to the National Kidney Foundation, GFR should be in the range 90-120mL/min/1.73m2 in normal cases. However, when kidney tissues are injured for some reasons, kidney function decreases. Under such a condition, GFR decreases. Wastes in blood are removed successfully when kidney filter blood. Low GFR means kidney can not perform filtration function effectively, which will lead to the buildup of wastes in blood directly. Well, how to increase GFR with ESRD effectively so that we can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant?

ESRD is the abbreviation of End Stage Renal Disease which is the last stage of kidney problem. It usually occurs as the consequence of long-term kidney damages. For people with ESRD, their GFR is usually not higher than 15 and in such a case, if we want to increase GFR, we must protect residual kidney intrinsic cells and meanwhile repair those kidney cells that are injured but still have a certain working ability.

In medicine, Chinese medicine is highly recommended for ESRD patients, as it can help to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. In our kidney, there are different kidney cells which work differently. When these cells are damaged and fail to function properly, GFR decreases and kidney function decreases as well. Therefore, only when injured kidney cells are repaired effectively, can kidney function and GFR be improved successfully. This is the reason why Chinese medicine is recommended for ESRD patients who are eager to increase their GFR.

Aside from activating injured kidney intrinsic cells to function again, Chinese medicine also has function to dilating blood vessels and this is helpful for much more blood to flow through kidney. Although kidney serves us as a filter, while filtering blood, it can get a certain nutrient substances and oxygen from blood. Therefore, when bloodstream in kidney is improved, renal ischemia and renal anoxia will be remitted for prevented effectively and this is very helpful for protecting residual kidney intrinsic cells from being damaged.

Chinese medicine is not an ideal treatment for ESRD patients, but it as of now is the best and with the help of it, kidney function and GFR can be increased successfully.

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