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Chronic Kidney Failure with 456 Creatinine level: How Can I Avoid Dialysis

2017-02-22 17:01

Recently, a 42 years old man who is from India consulted us a question about kidney disease suggestion. He is a 2 years chronic kidney patients with 456 creatinine level which reveals at a fact that his renal function becomes weaker and weaker. Last week, he had an appointment with a renal expert, his doctor suggests him adopting dialysis in order to maintain his rest of life. But he are reluctant to accept dialysis due to its side effect such like headache, muscle cramp, lacking in strength and so on. In the following articles, the author will help you avoid dialysis and live a normal life.

As we all know, creatinine level is a primary sign of the damaged degree of renal function. When creatinine level developed into 456umol/L, it usually means about 40-50 percent renal function is unable to operate. The reason why dialysis is suggested is that our kidney is failed to filtrate small- element toxins. Therefore, as long as we recover the damaged kidney, can patients avoid dialysis gradually.

How to repair our impaired kidney?

One of Chinese therapies based on natural medicinal materials is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It applies a bag filled with various Chinese medicines to your back, then because our skin has three function and one of is assimilation reacting through thousands of blood capillary. By this way, can kidney recover gradually. Moreover, Moxibustion is an another Chinese therapies without using medicines. As far as Traditional Chinese Medicine concerned, our body is full of acpoints and these acpoints connect to every apparatuses. Therefore, Moxibustion contributes to improve internal environment,then benefit to fix kidney function naturally.

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