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Is Long-term Medication Good For One With Chronic Renal Failure?

2017-03-16 09:49

As we know, the drugs we take when occurred some disease,is not food, but not to avoid health care products, have certain side effects. And in fact, there is a close relationship between the characteristics of scope of damage and drug side effects itself. In particular, the widespread use of a large number of chemical synthetic drugs, resulting in a series of confusing and difficult to prevent damage, known as drug-induced diseases

Renal damage is a current focus of clinical questions, kidney disease patients often have the rapid deterioration of renal function because of the use of nephrotoxic drugs. Drug damages to the kidneys in two ways, one is direct damage, such as renal toxicity drugs can be directly associated with renal tubular damage, drug concentration, crystallization and sulfa drugs can cause kidney obstruction and mechanical damage. The other is a lot of damage, indirect damage, its main allergic reaction; damage, injury, immune complexes and hemodynamic changes of Hemorheology damage, electrolyte disorder caused by damage, drug damage to the kidneys can directly lead to renal tubular necrosis; osmotic nephropathy; glomerular nephritis or other changes; obstructive nephropathy. Given all these factor, a long term medication is harmful to health as well as kidney. Therefore, what should we do to protect our kidney and avoid long term medication.

While, in China. We adopt Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy for kidney disease patients, it applies a bag filled with various Chinese medicines to your back, then because our skin has three functions and one of them is assimilation with the purpose of offering a gallery to Chinese medicine, another function of our skin is excluding toxins and other waste through sweating. From this way, kidney function renew to work as usual and prevent eating too much medicines.

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