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Can Kidney Failure Patients be Treated Without Dialysis

2017-03-21 11:26

Can Kidney Failure Patients be Treated Without Dialysis“Doctor. I am on dialysis 3 times every week after my kidney transplant failed. Right now I am always feeling weak. I am having a hard time breathing specially at night. Most of the time I sleep sitting on a chair only. Is this normal? what can I do to get some relief?”

Do you have the same problem with the patient from Oman? Do you hope a better life without dialysis? Do you want to be treated with an natural treatment? Here I will list some alternative treatments to dialysis in this article.

Immunotherapy. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it combines both the advantages of the Chinese medicines and Western medicines to wake up the immune system. So that, the patients will have a stronger immunity to protect themselves from the infection, cold, toxins and other harmful things.

Foot Bath. It is able to carry out the unnecessary things which should be excluded from body by the kidney during bathing the patients’ feet with the essence abstracted from the Chinese medicines. It is a cheaper and safer treatment to help patients relief the sufferings.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a kind of external application treatment, which can assist patients in repairing the renal function by enhancing the kidney self-healing ability. Lots herbs which are used in the therapy depends on the patients’ true illness conditions. These herbs will be milled into powder for a high availability. After the powder is collected in two medical bags which are placed on the patients’ Shenshu area. The treatment machine will promote the effective substances to get into the body and stimulate the kidney to renew.

When the kidney is restored, the unwanted things will be removed, and the patients will have a high quality life. Hence, they will be in no need of taking dialysis.

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