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What is Natural Treatment for Kidney Failure with Protein in Urine

2017-03-28 09:44

protein in urine, kidney failure, natural treatment“Hi, I am a kidney failure patient. My creatinine is 7.1. The urine protein is 3+. The doctor advises me to start dialysis in the near further. Can the urine protein be reduced with Natural treatment?”

Why patients need a natural treatment? Is there any natural treatment to treat kidney failure with protein in urine? How can the treatment decrease the urine protein?

For kidney failure patients with lots of protein in urine, they may suffer from so many illnesses like hypertension, anemia, swelling and others. But the traditional ways including dialysis and kidney transplant remedy patients with many disadvantages. For examples, patients need to be on dialysis while waiting for a matching and healthy kidney from the donor. Also, they have to take the the anti-rejection drugs in the rest of their life after accepted a kidney transplant. In addition, the dialysis leads to itching skin, weakness, less renal function and other side effects at the same time of treating patients. This is why patients hope to be treated with a natural treatment.

What is the natural treatment for kidney failure with protein in urine?

Cycle Therapy. The gyrate cycles will be drawn on the active area of the skin with the Chinese medicine mud. Then the harmful things will be carried out through the skin. After half an hour, the cycles will be washed with warm water. In the meanwhile, patients should be protected from cold during the therapy period. The kidney will begin to recover in the new environment, the protein in urine will be cut down.

Hot Compress Therapy. It makes use of the herbs which are chose up in term of the patients’ illness conditions to hot press the Shenshu area of patients. In the way, the kidney recovery will be increased. When the kidney will be repaired, the protein in urine will be remit, the patients will live a better life.

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