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Can Stage 3 Kidney Failure be Reversed with Natural Treatments

2017-04-11 11:04

Can Stage 3 Kidney Failure be Reversed with Natural TreatmentsStage 3 kidney failure is in a key time. In this period, on one hand, the kidney failure will be reversed with an effective treatment, on the other hand, it will develop into uremic. One day the stage 3 kidney failure patients heard natural treatments. Then, they wonder whether stage 3 kidney failure can be reversed with natural treatments or not?

Why stage 3 kidney failure patients needs a natural treatment?

In many countries, once a person is diagnosed as stage 3 kidney failure, the doctor usually suggest that the patient should be careful in diary life and wait for dialysis or kidney transplant. Because, dialysis can lead to many sufferings such as lower renal function, heart failure, weakness, etc, and it is hard to find a matching kidney for kidney transplant, the patients want to be treated with available natural treatments.

How to reverse stage 3 kidney failure?

Stage 3 kidney failure means the kidney has been injured. And the symptoms of stage 3 kidney failure will come out due to the damaged kidney. So, if the kidney is repaired, the illness will be reversed.

What are the natural treatments to reverse stage 3 Kidney failure?

Hot Compress Therapy is a kind of external application treatment, in which the patients’ Shenshu area will be hot pressed with Chinese medicine. Later, the blood vessels will be enlarge, the blood stasis will be dispelled, the blood circulation will be promoted, the fluid in intercellular space will be carried out and so on. In this surrounding, the renal self-cure ability will be strengthened, and the kidney will begin to work again.

Moxibustion. During the treatment, the renal doctor will make use of the burning wormwood to fuming the specific acupoints. In this way, the harmful things in the body will be driven out, and the kidney will begin to repaired.

When the kidney gets well, patients will turn back to the normal life.

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