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Can End Stage Kidney Failure be Treated with Chinese Medicine

2017-05-24 09:11

Can End Stage Kidney Failure be Treated with Chinese MedicineEnd stage kidney failure which is also called uremia means there are lots of the harmful substances in the body to injure the patients and induce the danger of the life.

Generally speaking, the end stage kidney failure will take dialysis to wait for kidney transplant. But, the dialysis not only leads to many sufferings such as infection, weakness, muscle cramp and so on, but also reduces the renal function rather than protecting the kidney from injuring. Moreover, it is hard to find out a healthy and matching kidney to replace the damaged one for the end stage kidney disease patients.

Once, the patients heard about the Chinese medicine which can help the kidney disease patients recover the renal function and live a better life with less adverse reactions, they wonder whether the end stage kidney failure can be treated with Chinese medicine or not?

If the patients have no renal function left, the Chinese medicines can help the patients remit the symptoms caused by dialysis and damaged kidney. If the patients are in the other situation, the Chinese medicine can assist the patients in eliminating the harmful things and recovering the renal function by extending the blood vessels, promoting the blood circulation, dispelling the blood stasis and treating the inflammation of the kidney. Also, the human immunity and the self-healing ability will be enhanced with Chinese medicines.

For the kidney failure patients, a well-planed diet and the healthy living style will be following no matter whether they are well or not. Otherwise, the illness will be worse or come back in the near future.

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