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How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps Kidney Failure Patients

2017-06-21 15:24

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps Kidney Failure PatientsMicro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a Chinese medicine external application treatment. While, how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps kidney failure patients?

Kidney failure refers to a medical situation in which the kidney can not completely remove the extra water, toxins and wastes from body any more. That is to say, there are lots of the harmful things deposited in the body of kidney failure patients. And then, the patients will get ill with edema, hypertension, anemia and other complication.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses the herbs which are selected up based on the patients’ illness conditions. After that, the herbs will be milled into powder. In the treatment, a medical machine will promote the active substances of the two medical bags filled with herbs powder to enter the body through the skin of patients’ Shenshu area. These effective materials will get into the kidney and perform the following functions.

1. Dilate the blood vessels and dispel the blood stasis.

In this case, the blood circulation will be accelerated. With more blood flowing through the kidney, the kidney will gain more nutrients.

2. Protect the kidney from injuring.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help the patients to clean up the inflammation of the kidney and to drive out the toxins in the blood. And thus, the kidney damage can be stopped.

3. Improve the renal function.

It is able to strengthen the kidney self-healing ability. Later, the diseased but not necrotic renal cells will be activated and get well.

When the kidney is renovated, the kidney failure patients will avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, and they can live a better life.

What is more, the patients are supposed to take a healthy diet and life style during taking the treatment to recover the kidney.

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