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Diagnosed with Creatinine 6.8 and Renal Failure What is Treatment

2018-04-01 11:53

Diagnosed with Creatinine 6.8 and Renal Failure What is TreatmentAt present, more and more patients find out that there are somethings wrong with their kidneys. Once diagnosed with creatinine 6.8 and renal failure, they wonder: Is it dangerous when creatinine level is high? How to deal with high serum creatinine level? What is treatment to high creatinine and renal failure? If you have any similar query, welcome to read the total article.

In the situation of renal failure with creatinine 6.8, the blood has been populated by excess nutrients, waste products, abnormal immune outcomes, etc. Worse still, these harmful things will evoke more inflammatory responses, causing extra kidney damage. Additionally, the patients will be ill with swelling, proteinuria, anemia and other life-threatening systems. However, the conventional drugs and diet control are not good enough to completely stop the further kidney damage. Finally, the patients have to face the uremia.

In order to treat the renal failure with creatinine 6.8, the patients must cleanse the blood first. Well, should we option dialysis to achieve this goal?

Compared with dialysis, I prefer Detoxification Therapy. You know, dialysis can filter the blood through a machine based on the principle of permeation in which some macromolecular toxic substances will be remained in the blood and continue to injure the kidneys. Also, it can reduce the renal blood flow, lower the immunity, effect the heart and lead to other problems. Whereas, Detoxification Therapy will purify the blood in terms of the oral and external Chinese herbs. Besides, this new natural treatment can also dispel the inflammation in the body an promote the kidneys to revive. As a result, we can see the obviously depressed complications and creatinine level as well.

Suffering from renal failure with creatinine 6.8? Afraid of dialysis? Eager to prevent transplant? If so, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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