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Chinese Medicine Remedy to Kidney Failure and Creatinine 611

2018-05-06 11:35

Chinese Medicine Remedy to Kidney Failure and Creatinine 611Many people are afraid of kidney failure since it is an incurable illness and requires life-long dialysis or transplant. But in fact, there are still chances for the patients to hold a healthy life. Here the article will show you Chinese medicine remedy to kidney failure and creatinine 611.

Firstly, is kidney failure with creatinine 611 severe?

Some patients may say “yes” as they are suffering many discomforts or on dialysis, while “no” is answered by other patients with no obvious symptoms. However, creatinine 611 in kidney failure presenting seriously damaged kidneys shows a large amount of unwanted things have been remained in the blood, which leads to further kidney damage. So that, timely treatments are needed.

And then, what should be done to treat kidney failure and creatinine 611?

According to the above-mentioned conditions, the patients need to control the complications (symptomatic treatments like hormone and immunosuppressant), make the blood clean (dialysis) and repair the diseased kidneys (transplant).

Well, what function does Chinese medicine remedy take to kidney failure and creatinine 611?

Chinese medicine remedy referring to Acupuncture, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other natural therapies will be selected up on the basis of the patients’ illness-situations so as to take effects on following aspects.

1. Accelerate the blood circulation. It is able to remove the blood stasis, dilate the blood vessels and prevent the blood coagulation. In this case, the blood circulation is quickened, and the cells and tissues in the kidneys can gain more oxygen and blood.

2. Stop the renal inflammatory responses. It can help to eliminate the toxins in the blood (including the abnormal immune complexes). In some case, it can be used as a replacement of dialysis.

3. Promote the recovery of kidneys. In clinic, the kidney self-recovery ability and immunity is improved. In addition to the salutary environment, the kidneys will be improved.

With the help of these valid treatments, the creatinine 611 will be lowered, symptoms will be vanished and the life quality of patients is increased.

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