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Why Does the Renal Function Decrease After 15 Years' Transplant

2018-06-06 10:13

Most people think the kidney transplant is the permanent treatment to treatment to renal failure, but is it the real situation to all kidney patients? As a kidney doctor I have accepted lots of patients from all over the world, some patients have done transplant to treat the renal disease, but after several years of their transplant the kidney will also fail again,why?

At the beginning of transplant patients will feel better ,some clinic discomforts can disappear, such as swelling, back pain, poor appetite, bad sleeping, nausea and vomiting etc. But the renal failure can not be cured through kidney transplant. At the same time of transplant, the patients must take the anti-rejection medicines for the rest of life to protect the new kidney. For the immune system will protect own body to reject other foreign substance, the new transplant kidney will be attacked by the immune system. In order to protect the new kidney the patients must take the anti-rejection medicines .

The anti-rejection medicines have more side effect to the immune system and after long time taking medicines your immune system will weaken, the bacteria and virus comes outside to attack your immune system and destroy the organ’s function include the kidney ,liver, pancreas, spleen, heart and lungs. Then the transplant patient’s kidney function will decrease again, the clinic discomforts symptoms will appear again, high creatinine level, fatigue, poor appetite and headache. Then what can we do to solve these problems? In the western medicines therapy the doctors will only also suggest you do dialysis to eliminate the discomforts, and that may aggravate the kidney condition, then start the bad result circling again. I think all kidney patients don’t want to see the undesirable effect—do the next transplant surgery again. Moreover kidney patients are eager to find another alternative treatment to solve this problems.

The kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have done long time research to treat the kidney failure, and developed a systemic natural treatment which can help patients eliminate the toxins and wastes to improve their kidney function. Once their kidney function is improved and the kidney can work normally to discharge toxins, they can avoid the dialysis and transplant. The natural treatment has no any side effect to patients ,it is very safe ,comfortable and effective. With the help of this kind of natural treatment lots of foreign patients who come from all over the world have obtained the satisfied treatment effect, most dialysis patients have get rid of dialysis and avoided the kidney transplant.

The detoxification therapy is the newest treatment in our hospital, it can help the patients remove thoroughly all toxins and wastes depositing in the body. According to the long time clinic experience the doctors think the depositing toxins and wastes not only hurt the renal cells and tissues but also decrease the medicine effect. Therefore the detoxification therapy can help discharge the depositing toxins and improve the kidney function effectively.

The detoxification therapy include: Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Fumigation therapy, Cupping therapy, Acupuncture therapy etc, that combined with the traditional herbal medicines and advanced instruments can help dilate the blood vessels ,promote the blood circulation, adjust the blood pressure, increase the blood flow in kidney and degrade the extracellular matrix. Most important thing is to help the patients improve their kidney function from root.

These natural treatment methods can help patients improve the kidney function and avoid dialysis and transplant, if you are interested in these methods please contact us through the following contact information:


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