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How to Prevent the Diabetic Nephropathy Develop to the Renal Failure

2018-06-07 11:03

At present the diabetes is the one of main causes of renal failure. Once the condition develops to the stage of renal failure, the patients’ life expectancy and life quality will be threatened .Therefore the patients eagerly want to know how to prevent the diabetic nephropathy develop to the renal failure.

Generally everyday our body will digest more food we take each meal, then the nutrients and oxygen will be transported into all parts of your body through the blood flow, at the same time more toxins will be produced into the blood, such as the creatinine, urea, uric acid, excess water and so on. The small molecular toxins can be discharged out of body through the urine, but the large molecular substance such as protein and red blood cells can not be discharged through the membrane of kidney, and will be absorbed again back to the blood. However when there is more sugar deposit in blood ,the viscosity of blood will thicken and the blood circulation speed can become slow and slow, that can lead to more toxins and wastes deposit in the blood and can not be discharged out of body, long time depositing of toxins will affect the kidney and cause the inflammatory effect in kidney. Deficiency of oxygen and nutrient to renal cells ,that will make them necrotic and lose the normal function step by step. Without the help of reasonable treatment diabetic nephropathy patients will develop to the stage of renal failure. Then how to prevent the bad result happen to most diabetic nephropathy patients ?

Controlling the high blood sugar is the most effective treatment to prevent the diabetic change into the renal failure. If the blood sugar level increases consistently ,that will lead to the abnormal situation of body organs. Especially the kidney can be damaged badly with the high blood sugar level and it can not work normally to discharge more metabolic products out of body, then more and more toxins and wastes will be deposited in the blood, lead to the high creatinine level, high uric acid and urea level. That will also affect the function of other organs and physiological function of whole body to threaten the patient’s life.

But in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidney experts have researched a new systemic natural treatment to help patients regulate the blood sugar level , promote the blood circulation and repair the damaged kidney cells ,then improve the kidney function effectively. These natural treatments include as following: Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Hot- compress therapy, Acupuncture therapy and so on, these therapies are used comprehensively to help patients discharge more toxins out of body ,promote the blood circulation in kidney and repair the damaged renal cells .Eventually the renal function of patients can be recovered again to live the normal life again. As the international hospital specialized in the kidney disease we hope the natural treatment can benefit more patients from all over the world.

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