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Why Does The Ankles Swellings Appear In Renal Failure Patients

2018-06-10 14:48

The ankles swelling is the common symptom of early stage of renal failure. That has disturbed the patients’ normal life seriously and they want to know the cause and the treatment method to resolve this problem.

Then we must know about the root reason of swelling and find the corresponding treatment method to resolve it. To renal patients they must adopt the low protein diet and due to their poor renal function, more protein in blood will leak into the urine to discharge out of body, but with the urination function declining more liquid can not be discharged out of body ,the excess liquid cannot stay in the blood for the penetration pressure decrease and penetrate into the body tissues and produce edema. With the effect of gravity the excess liquid then stay in the part of ankles, that is why the ankles swelling is the symptom of early stage of renal failure.

How to resolve this ankles edema produced by the renal failure, I think every renal failure patient want to know the answer. In the western medicine the common treatment is to use the diuretic and hormone. The diuretic can help patients discharge excess water out of body and decrease the protein loss. But if the patient’s renal function has been hurt seriously and have no urine output, then the diuretic can not work to remove the excess water. And once you stop the diuretic the edema will appear again. Even you take long time to accept the diuretic ,that will produce more side effect to your kidney and immune system , then the patients of renal failure often have the symptom of low immunity.

Now that there is no effective and safe treatment method you should consider another natural treatment in Chinese herbal medicine. The kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has researched a special systemic treatment to help patients with renal failure to eliminate edema without any side effect to health.

The Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective treatments. It adopts lots of herbal medicines and produce them into powder which can release the most effect in usage. With help of the penetration machine the active substance can penetrate into the kidney and dilate blood vessels ,promote the blood circulation, anti-inflammation, degrade the extracellular matrix. The damaged renal cells can be repaired and the remaining renal function can be restored again. Once the kidney can work normally the excess water can be discharged out of body ,then the ankles edema will disappear naturally. This treatment is comfortable to patients and can help patients get better ,after the treatment the patients’ edema will not relapse again. At the same time there are other natural treatment methods which also can help patients discharge more toxins from body and repair the damaged kidney cells ,improve the kidney function .If you are interested in these natural treatment please contact us through the following message:


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