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Is It Possible To Live Better For the Uremia Patients

2018-06-19 14:54

The uremia means the end stage of renal disease, most patients in this stage have lost most the renal function and have to accept the dialysis treatment .The doctors in western medicine always tell them that their renal function will never be improved and only wait for the kidney transplant, and the patients often feel weak and depressed and hopeless for themselves. They are suffering from the discomforts caused by the poor kidney function, so how to relieve their painful experience? In the western medicine the dialysis is the effective treatment for the uremia patients. But before the treatment we must know about the discomforts and complications in uremia, that can help patients and doctors do well in the following treatment. In the early stage of uremia there are only some symptoms of original disease in clinical manifestations , in check-up the CCR shows reduced . But if you know more about some common symptoms that can be beneficial for you to accept the timely treatment and precaution

1. Gastrointestinal tract manifestation.

The decline of kidney function can lead to the toxins accumulation in body, that will do harmful to nervous system , and at the same time the more urea can be discharged from digestive tract, dealt by the bacteria and hydrolase in intestinal tract to produce the ammonium carbonate and ammonia, that will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa to lead to the dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract and different extent of mucosa inflammation ,ulceration. In addition the water, eletrocyte and acid-base balance maladjustment is another reason that lead to the gastrointestinal manifestation .At the early stage the complains of anorexia , abdominal discomfort, and after that will appear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, ammonia smell in mouth and mouth mucosa ulceration ,even more massive haemorrhage in the digestive tract.

2. Spirit and nervous system appearance

Maybe for the metabolic products retention ,water and electrolyte maladjustment , metabolic acidosis and hypertension altogether work to affect the nervous system. And peripheral neuropathy is mainly caused by the middle molecule toxins retention possibly. The patients may feel fatigue, drooping spirit, headache, dizzy, memory decline, insomnia, maybe have limb numbness, burning pain in hands and feet, itchy skin, even feel sever pain in lower limb and often moving without stopping . To the later stage the patients may appear drowsiness , boredom, delirium, muscle tremble and cramp, convulsions and coma.

3. Cardiovascular system symptoms

The uremia patients often feel blood pressure increasing, the reason is water-sodium retention, partly caused by the activity of renin increasing and prostaglandin secreting reduced. Long time hypertension may cause the left ventricular hypertrophy ,myocardial damage ,cardiac failure and also cause the whole body arteriosclerosis.

At the early stage of uremia some symptoms can not be checked easily , but when it develops to the later stage the symptoms will extend to the viscera and hurt the whole body system , then the patients may appear heart failure ,insanity and coma . At present only depending on dialysis can not improve these complications and discomforts, then I suggest you can find another alternative natural treatment ,which is researched by the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. This natural treatment includes some external and internal treatment as following: Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Oral herbal medicine therapy, Fumigation therapy, Moxibustion therapy, Acupuncture therapy etc. These systemic natural treatment can help patients repair the damaged kidney cells,improve renal function without any side effect to patients.The active substance of herbal medicine can penetrate into the lesion of kidney with the help of external equipment , dilate the blood vessels and promote the blood circulation in kidney, then provide more oxygen and nutrient to kidney, then the kidney function can be recovered again.That have helped many uremia patients improve their life quality and the kidney function, help them get rid of dialysis or avoid dialysis. If you want to know more about that please leave your contact message to us according to the following message and we will do our best to help you.


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