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Do You Have Hope When Your Creatinine Level Is 6.5?

2018-07-02 10:17

To many kidney disease patients the creatinine level is an important indicator to judge his kidney condition. When a patient do a routine test of his blood and find the creatinine level is about 6.5, how to do the next step? At first he must think his condition is very serious and have to accept the dialysis treatment to lower the high creatinine level.

Before we discuss the seriousness of this kidney problem we must know about what is the creatinine and what is relationship between kidney function and creatinine level.

The creatinine is a kind of metabolic product of muscles, when you do some exercise or take the meat every day ,you body will produce the creatinine ,but as a normal person the kidney can work normally to discharge the creatinine out of body through urine, then your creatinine level is controlled in the normal range,but once your kidney function has been damaged it can not work normally to discharge toxins from body, the creatinine level will increase, but some other reasons can also cause the creatinine level rise when you catch a cold or get an infection, or you take more meat or do some violent exercise. So you don’t worry about that before watching the value for some days, once after several days your creatinine level is also in high level and you have some discomforts such as swellings, poor appetite ,back pain, frequent urine at night or bad sleeping, that means you must see a doctor in time. For the kidney disease is a progressing disease ,once the kidney function has been damaged you must adopt some treatment to delay the progressing course of kidney condition. But at present in western medicine once your creatinine level rises to a high level the doctor always suggest you do the dialysis treatment to lower it, but once you accept the dialysis treatment you have to do it for a long time until your kidney function has lost all and have to accept the kidney transplant. And the doctor always tell the patients with high creatinine level that they will have no hope to restore the kidney function except the kidney transplant.Then when a patient ‘s creatinine level rises to 6.5, he often think there is no hope to recover the kidney function again and has to accept the dialysis treatment. As the international hospital specialized in kidney disease our kidney experts have researched a special natural treatment for many years,and that natural treatment has helped many kidney disease patients restore their kidney function and live the normal life again. The principle of the natural treatment is to help repair the damaged kidney cells through promoting the blood circulation in kidney and provide more oxygen and nutrients to kidney ,then the damaged kidney cells can be self-repaired ,at the same time the herbal medicine can help patients strengthen their immune system to prevent more infection to hurt their health. Maybe someone think that is impossible to restore the damaged kidney function in western medicine, but to herbal medicine there is more magic marvels happening. If you are interested in the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and want to know more detailed information please contact us through the following message:


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