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Chronic Kidney Failure:Will it Make you Sleepy

2014-02-22 06:57

Chronic Kidney Failure has four stages.There are many causes for Chronic Kidney Failure.They are diabetics,high blood pressure,genetic reasons and so on.Many Chronic Kidney Failure patients feel sleepy.How does Chronic Kidney Failure lead to sleepy?and what should we do for Chronic Kidney Failure patients?Follow our descriptions and find these answers.

How does Chronic Kidney Failure lead to sleepy?

The GFR is decreasing,which influences the filtration function thus leading to the deposition of wastes and toxins in our body.Those wasts and toxins may circulate with blood having any risks of causing complicated complications.Chronic Kidney Failure patients may have poor appetite thus leading to the shortage of energy.When people are short of energy,people may have sleepy feeling.Chronic Kidney Failure is a dangerous kidney disease.Without effective treatment and efficiency methods,Chronic Kidney Failure enters into the final stage thus threatening patient’s life expectancy.In order to treat sleepy feeling,we need to focus on treating Chronic Kidney Failure.


Kidney Treatment


Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy is based on Chinese medicines which is a brand-new therapy in China.Our experts have researched on this therapy for many years thus combining the advantages of Western medicines and Chinese medicines together eventually.It makes a breakthrough which can use Chinese medicines externally.The Chinese medicines can be put into two little bags thus putting them on the BL 23 Acupoint and working on kidney directly with the help of osmosis machines.Chronic Kidney Failure can be slowed down by repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions.More specifically,Hot Compress Therapy expands blood vessels and has the function of anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation and degradation of extracellular matrix.

There are many other therapies in treating Chronic Kidney Failure and reliving sleepy feeling.If you have any questions about your conditions,email to and our experts give you a reply for free.

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