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Kidney Failure:Treatment for Increased Acidosis

2014-02-24 07:09

Kidney Failure:Treatment for Increased AcidosisWithout effective treatment and efficiency methods,many Kidney Failure patients have Increased Acidosis.How does the increased acidosis happen?and what should we do for Kidney Failure patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

How does the increased acidosis happen in Kidney Failure?

Kidney is an essential organ for our body to clear away wastes and toxins,produce lots of hormones,moderate high blood pressure and keep the balance of electrolyte,acid and base.Under normal circumstances,acid can be eliminated out of the body in the form of urine.For Kidney Failure Patients,it is difficult for them to remove the excess acid out of the body.The deposition of acid in our body leads to increased acidosis.If the acid build up in our body,many serious symptoms and complications following.They are rapid breathing,confusion,lethargy.Severe acidosis can lead to shock or death.Therefore we need treatment for the increased acidosis in Kidney Failure.

Above all,we need to focus on treat Kidney Failure thus reliving acidosis.As we all know,some western medicines have good effects on treating acidosis immediately but fails to treat Kidney Failure from root perspective.So many patients are searching for featured therapies in China.

What should we do for Kidney Failure patients in China?

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy combine the advantages with western medicines and Chinese medicines.It helps many Kidney Failure patients slow down the progression of Kidney Failure and prolong their life expectancy.Chinese medicines are put into two bags.The two bags are full of activated Chinese medicines.They work on BL 23 Acupoint directly thus expanding blood vessels,removing stasis in the blood,fighting against inflammation response,avoiding coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix.With the help of Chinese medicines,kidney functions can be improved thus treating acidosis in Kidney Failure.

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