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Kidney Failure:Does Yellow Skin Relate with Kidney Infection

2014-02-27 02:34

Kidney Failure:Does Yellow Skin Relate with Kidney InfectionWhen people get Kidney Failure,there are many symptoms following.For women,they usually complain about yellow skin.From our mailbox,we receive a question:Does yellow skin relate with kidney infection in Kidney Failure?and what should we do for yellow skin in Kidney Failure?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

Does yellow skin relate with kidney infection in kidney failure?

Yellow skin is one of the skin problems caused by Kidney Failure.However,kidney infection is an accelerator for the progression of Kidney Failure.Kidney performs many tasks such as cleansing the excess water and wastes out of the body as urine.When kidney fails to remove those harmful circumstances,they deposits in our body thus leading to yellow skin problems.

As the increasing wastes and toxins builds up in our body,pigmentary changes begin to occur.The spectrum of pigmentary changes has a procession.It is hyperpigmentation of yellowish discoloration and pallor.And the main reason for yellow skin is the deposition of lots of lipochrome and carotenoid in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues.

Kidney infections lead to dangerous conditions of kidney failure,at the same time kidney failure leads to yellow skin in the end.Worse,apart from yellow skin problems,kidney failure patients also have dry skin problems and itchy skin problems.In order to relieve those skin problems,we need to focus on the treating Kidney Failure.Without effective treatment and useful methods,kidney failure patients may enter into more serious stage thus threatening life expectancy.

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Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy is a new kind of treatment which disturbs the impression of Traditional Chinese Medicines as it can be taken externally.Hot Compress Therapy works on kidney by the special access of Acupoint 23 directly and immediately with the help of the osmosis machines.The activated Chinese medicines helps kidney restore renal functions and repair renal damage.

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