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Metabolic Acidosis and Bad Taste in Mouth in Kidney Failure

2014-03-01 08:54

Metabolic Acidosis and Bad Taste in Mouth in Kidney FailureKidney Failure is a gradual loss of renal functions.Metabolic Acidosis and Bad Taste in Mouth are two serious signs of Kidney Failure.How does Kidney Failure lead to metabolic acidosis and bad taste in mouth?How to manage these two conditions? Follow our descriptions and find the answer.

Metabolic Acidosis in Kidney Failure

Metabolic Acidosis is one of the severe symptoms for kidney failure patients as it brings lots of complications.More specifically,kidney is an important organ with bean structure.The function of kidney is similar to filter to remove excess acids in the form of urine thus keeping acid-base balance.However,patients with kidney failure fail to remove the acid from the bloodstream.Consequently,the metabolic acidosis occurs.

Since the occurrence of metabolic acidosis is closely related with decreased kidney function,improving function should be one of the important roles of treatment for metabolic acidosis in kidney failure.

Bad taste in mouth in Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure is a serious renal condition in which kidneys become dysfunctional.Under normal circumstances,kidney has filtration function thus removing wastes and toxins out of the body in the form of urine.When kidney becomes dysfunctional,the wastes and toxins build up in our body.

Those wastes and toxins contain bacterium.When they break down in the stomach,ammonia will be produced stimulating intestinal mucosa thus leading to a strong taste in their mouth.

Above all,it is obvious that treatment needs to focus on improving renal functions.

Kidney Treatment

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy is based on Chinese medicines with fewer side effects.Hot Compress Therapy contains activated Chinese medicines working on BL 23 Acupoint thus entering kidney directly and working effectively.

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