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Increasing Urine Output after Kidneys Shut Down

2014-03-02 08:12

Increasing Urine Output after Kidneys Shut DownWhen Kidneys Shut down,End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) occurs.In the last stage of kidney disease,many patients suffer from less urine output.The foundation reason of less urine output is the decreasing renal functions.Then how to Increase Urine Output When Kidneys Shut Down.Now follow us to find the answers.

It is a hard period for patients suffer from less urine output.As kidney fails to form urine to eliminate excess water,the water should be limited strictly.The most difficult time is when they are thirsty and they can only use water to wet their lips.As dialysis is only helpful for maintaining people’s daily life,patients suffer from less urine output consistently.Therefore many people are positively searching for effective treatment.

In order to treat less urine output,doctors may prescribe some pills to form more urine.But having too many pills is also brought some further kidney damage.Therefore Chinese medicines come into patient’s eyes.

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy is an external application of Chinese medicines.The two bags filled with Chinese medicines are put on the lower back entering into kidney through BL 23 Acupoint with the help of osmosis machine thus repairing renal damage,recovering renal functions,enhancing immunity and reliving serious symptoms.As kidney functions come back,the urine output can be relieved successfully.

Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy is the newest and latest therapies,which focuses on treating blood instead of treating kidney.When kidneys shut down,wastes and toxins build up in the blood thus damaging the internal functions of blood system.Chinese herbals in the blood pollution therapy repairs clot mechanism and blood forming system.

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