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Kidney Failure Patients with 19% kidney functions:What should we do?

2014-03-14 08:43

Kidney Failure Patients with 19% kidney functions:What should we do?Kidney Failure Patients with 19% kidney functions is a serious conditions.What should we do under such dangerous conditions?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.If you have any other kidney problem,Click online doctors for free.

The Brief Introduction of Kidney Failure Patients with 19% kidney functions

We can’t live without our kidneys.Our kidneys have many functions such as filtration function,moderation function,blood-forming function and hormone function.

Filtration Function

Kidney has responsible for removing wastes and toxins out of the body in the form of urine thus keeping our body healthy.

Moderating Function

Kidney produces rein which is closely related to blood pressure.When kidney is short of blood and oxygen,rein will be produced.

Blood Forming Function

Kidney forms EPO which help our body to produce large amounts of blood.

Hormone Production

EPO and rein are two common hormones in our body.

For now kidney failure patients with 19% kidney functions,all of above functions are all decreasing.

In order to improve renal functions,we need to focus on treatment and diet.


Have food with lower sodium,lower salt,lower potassium and your kidney functions will be protected timely and effectively.

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Chinese Medicines are the foundation of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy improves renal functions.

Expand Blood Vessels

Expanding Blood Vessels brings oxygen and blood for kidney thus avoiding further kidney damage.


Inflammation brings trouble for kidney.Kidney functions keep decreasing.Therefor anti-inflammation will protect remaining renal functions.


Coagulation is a serious complication.Anti-coagulation is helpful kidney disease patients.

Degradation of extracellular matrix

Degradation of extracellular matrix is one of the most important functions to help kidney failure patients.

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