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Will Topamax Cause the Decline of Kidney Function

2013-11-20 09:27

Will Topamax Cause the Decline of Kidney FunctionSeizure, migraine, headache, etc, are commonly seen in kidney disease patients, while topamax can help deal with these problems. Therefore, can kidney disease take topamax? Will topamax cause the decline of kidney function? These are two questions asked commonly by kidney disease patients.

How does topamax work?

Generally, topamax can be absorbed quickly in our body, so as to treat seizure and prevent migraines and headache. Meanwhile, its metabolic wastes are mainly discharged out of the blood by kidneys. Thereby, we can know kidney clearance function determines whether people can take this medication.

Will topamax cause the decline of kidney function?

Since topamax is eliminated by kidneys, overdosage of topamax can lead to extra workload on kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, this can make kidneys work hard. Overtime, kidneys’ condition becomes worse and worse.

In view of this, if you have kidney disease and are looking for seizure medication, you can describe your illness condition to online doctor, so they can help you determine the correct dosage of topamax or other drugs.

Other cautions

In clinic, according to metabolism methods, medications are divided by two kinds: liver metabolism medicine and kidney metabolism medicine. For people with kidney disease, the basic requirement of using medications is to ease their symptoms and reduce the burden on kidneys. From this point, kidney disease patients had better liver metabolism drugs.

Besides, some medicines may worse patients’ condition, if they use them blindly. For example, overdosage aspirin can cause kidney damage directly. Consult your doctor in detail, even though you want to choose very common cold medicines.

No matter what medicines kidney patients use, their ultimate purpose is to improve their overall health condition and protect remaining kidney, so treatments to deal with kidney disease from root and improve kidney function should be also sought.

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